You Need These 7 Business Website Tips in Hawaii Right Now

business website tips in Hawaii

What business website tips in Hawaii do so many companies miss? Something that would bring in countless leads, help them convert, and grow their business? Of course, you want to offer an exceptional product or service… but your customers may never find it if you don’t have a fantastic website. At Myna Marketing, our team of obsessed marketing experts has helped hundreds of businesses design, launch, and optimize successful websites.

You could have the best product or service in your niche, and you could even run ads for it. Let’s say you get some leads… but where do they go now? Where can customers discover why they should trust you? An awesome website bridges that gap. Without one, your advertising, marketing, and sales efforts won’t get the results you want… and you’ll close your doors before you know it.

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Why You Need These Business Website Tips in Hawaii

Your website functions as your digital flag in the ground. It provides the foundation of your digital presence. In a noisy marketplace, your website declares, “I’m here to solve your problems!” You could rely on word-of-mouth and referrals, but that approach only gets you so far. If you want to grow your business, customers need the ability to find you at any given moment, learn about how you’ll serve them, and have an easy way to contact you.

But website building goes beyond slapping your phone number on a web form. Your business website must tell the story of how you help customers tell theirs. Your website gives you the chance to connect with future customers and offer them a solution they’ve never seen before… the one they need. As a Hawaii-based business, your website has to cater to what Hawaiian customers look for. You need to know the science behind building a website that produces results for your business.

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Implement These 7 Powerful Business Website Tips in Hawaii

So what’s the secret behind a fantastic website? How do you attract customers to your website—and keep them there until they convert? Consider these seven tips.

1. Business Website Tips in Hawaii Establish Your Audience

I’ve seen countless websites trying to appeal to everyone… and they end up compelling no one. Why? Because without a specific buyer (your audience) in mind, your entire website seems unsure of itself. To prevent this, identify your audience before anything else. Without a doubt, the most effective websites know their audience and customize every component to reach that specific buyer. Your website doesn’t need to attract every consumer, but it should be life-changing for your audience.

business website tips in Hawaii

2. Captivate with Story

You’ve probably heard about how storytelling can help you grow your business. It’s true for one simple reason: Customers don’t convert over cool product features—they convert because a story captivates them. Hundreds of other companies offer the same product or service you do, so features won’t cut it. Build your website with story in mind. Tell about how you scraped to pay the mortgage while building your business. Share a testimony of a customer who found a major breakthrough using your resources. Create a narrative for your audience about what they’ll experience when they partner with you for solutions. Stories move prospects to convert, so your website should portray that, with your help, they can have the lifestyle and results they crave.

3. Be Simple and Concise

Picture a website with endless buttons, tabs, images, and pages to comb through. Now imagine closing that tab and moving on with your life. Your customers will do the same if your website is too complicated! If you want to convert, your website should be stupidly easy to use. Limit the number of pages you write. Place clear and obvious calls-to-action everywhere. Use simple language that a 6th grader could understand. A confused mind won’t buy.

4. Business Website Tips in Hawaii Highlight Your Local Advantage

Your future customer wants to partner with a company that lives Hawaii! They want to know your “local advantage”—how is the culture of Hawaii imbued into the DNA of your company? When you build your website, convey your passion and commitment to Hawaii. Your customers see dozens of companies that “love Hawaii,” but that won’t push them over the edge. Your website should highlight your “local advantage.” Explain why partnering with you will connect them with Hawaii in a new way!

5. Create Relevant Content

Want to know one of the best ways to convert customers? Fill your website with actionable content. Think about it: If a future customer gets the solution they need through a blog post you write, they will likely investigate your website and trust you to solve more of their problems! Plus, writing consistent content gives you a fantastic way to rank highly on Google and stay relevant in your niche.

6. Optimize for Mobile

Sixty percent of internet browsing comes from mobile devices. Most of your future customers will find you on their phone. This means you must optimize your website for mobile browsing! Give your website lightning fast loading speeds, super responsiveness between devices, and easy navigation. Above all, keep your website updated. Make it easy for customers to find you, learn about your offer, and give you their business!

7. Hire an Agency for Endless Business Website Tips in Hawaii!

We get it—building a website can feel challenging. If you think, “I don’t have time to figure all this out,” we want to help. We use a comprehensive strategy to optimize your website and get awesome results. If you’re ready to launch your business website in Hawaii, reach out to us!

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