3 Pillars of a Successful Maui Web Developer

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At Myna Marketing, you can easily find a dynamic Maui web developer. Our team of dedicated digital marketing experts deploy marketing techniques that will smash through your 2024 goals. Recently, we shared five essential qualities you need in your Maui marketing expert.

If you’ve tried to create your own website, you know the feeling of disappointment. The developer tools confuse you, the website doesn’t look how you imagined, or the whole thing breaks before your eyes. Whatever the reason, you couldn’t build your own website… and that’s actually okay. Not everyone can make it as a Maui web developer, but you do need to have one.

You need to spend your valuable time building your business, not building a website. You could dip your toe in the water with free tools and YouTube videos, but that’s far from enough of what you need to attract customers, let alone grow your business. The longer you try to wear too many hats in your business, the more you’ll get lost in the weeds. Don’t waste time earning mediocre results from a website while inadvertently stalling (or reversing) your business growth.

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Why Maui Web Developers Make it Happen

We all know the feeling of getting excited about a business, opening their website… and then having no clue what to do next. It doesn’t work on mobile, the navigation is confusing, or the whole website seems unsafe. This happens when you don’t invest in a Maui web developer—you convince your customers to click away. 

Maui web developers have a valuable skill. Once you find the right one, you spend less time worrying and more time working on your business. However, you need to choose the right Maui web developer that suits your unique qualities. Understand exactly what your business needs, then hire a Maui web developer that confidently fulfills them. For example, if your business has fifty employees, you wouldn’t hire a developer who’s never helped a business of that size. You wouldn’t ask a web developer who primarily has experience in photography to design a website based on copy and written content. Your Maui web developer must know how to generate results based on your specific situation.

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Three Maui Web Developer Do’s and Don’ts

Your business needs a world-class website and online assets. So what do you look for in a Maui web developer? 

1. Security 

You’ll find no shortage of security breaches in today’s economy. As soon as a customer’s data gets stolen from a website they used, they immediately lose trust in that business. Your website needs spot-on security if you want to grow—and that’s where a Maui web developer comes in. 

As you browse your options, ask candidates how they handle website security. Do they deploy HTTPS encryption with every website? Do they require multi-factor authentication? And do they perform routine security audits and updates for their clients? The more secure your website feels, the more your customers trust you.

2. User Experience (UX)

Even if you have the most secure and visually stunning website, customers click off if you lack this one quality: You didn’t build the website with them in mind. The user experience (UX) becomes the first thing a potential buyer notices, which means your Maui web developer must prioritize this. You can ensure this in several ways. 

For example, does your Maui web developer make their designs user-centric? Did you optimize your website for mobile? Is it easy to navigate? Does your Maui web developer make your high-quality content a focal point of the customer’s experience? Hire a Maui web developer who creates websites people never want to leave.

3. Cleanliness

Let’s say you have a beautiful, secure website that attracts customers… but two weeks later, it stops working. No one finds your website, sales plummet, and your worst nightmare comes true. What happened? Your website wasn’t cleanly made and maintained. This situation could be yours if a web developer hastily throws up a website and doesn’t bother to clean up behind the scenes. 

This kind of negligence breaks websites. If you want to hire a Maui web developer that brings results to your business, they must have long-term website health in mind. Ask developers these questions: Do you use CI/CD pipelines? How about progressive web apps (PWAs)? Are they aware of trends like low-code/no-code, voice search, and serverless architecture? You don’t need to fully understand all this jargon, but your Maui web developer should.

If you want to work with a Maui marketing expert that gets the best possible results, reach out to us today! We help hundreds of businesses grow with effective and reproducible marketing strategies. We’d love to help you get started!

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