5 Must-Haves for Your Website Design in Hawaii

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At Myna Marketing, our team of dedicated digital marketing experts know the massive power of website design in Hawaii. By partnering with us, you commit to record-breaking growth. Recently, we shared three pillars of a successful Maui web developer.

If you own a business, you need a website. You can’t get around that. Many business owners see a website as a waste of time and money. In reality, your website connects your future customers’ problems to your solution. Without a formidable website, you leave your business growth up to the roll of a dice. Maybe people will find you, maybe they won’t… and those odds don’t grow a business.

The discussion doesn’t end there—You may know you need a website, but do you know why? What differentiates a letdown from a homerun? Without this information, you’ll waste countless hours trying to build a website on your own, only to give up, disappointed and confused. Or worse, you’ll pay thousands to a web developer and have no real idea of what you need. Building a website is an art and a science, and your business success depends on having the right website design in Hawaii.

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Why Your Website Design in Hawaii Has to Stand Out

It’s easy to mistake your website as that dusty corner of the internet where you lay out your company story and forget about it. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Your website functions as your digital storefront in the online marketplace. 

If you tried to sell fresh fruit at a farmer’s market without a stand or sign, you wouldn’t expect to attract any buyers. The same goes for your website. This powerful online marketing tool attracts cold leads and generates excitement for your referrals. In fact, one of the deciding factors in conversion is whether your website effectively identifies the visitor’s problem and offers the right solution. 

Even if you get referrals, word-of-mouth alone won’t get the sale. You need more, and your website accomplishes that.Your website bridges the gap between curiosity and conversion.

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5 Tips for Website Design that Works

What’s the secret to building that bridge to conversion? What should you look for in your website design in Hawaii? Try these five tips:

1. Embrace the Aloha Spirit

Anyone living in Hawaii understands that the Aloha spirit gives life to everything we do. Principles like kindness, compassion, humility, unity, and love are foundational to our culture, whether you were born here or moved from out of state. Make every feature and function of your website sing with that Aloha spirit. Highlight your love for the islands and their cultures. Focus on solving problems and serving your community. Whether you serve surfboards or software, your web design in Hawaii must live the Aloha way.

2. Highlight Unique Experiences Over Destinations

No doubt, Hawaii’s views take your breath away.  But that won’t convert your prospects. Your customers want more than pretty pictures—they crave unique experiences! If you own a local restaurant, don’t just cover your website with pictures of the coast. Instead, position your restaurant as the destination for authentic food with uniquely Hawaiian stories behind it. If you offer carpentry, integrate unique Hawaiian practices into your work that customers can’t find anywhere else. Position your business as the place to experience what our beautiful state has to offer.

3. Include Multimedia

If any state catches the eye, it’s Hawaii. So, a surefire way to attract customers in Hawaii includes multimedia components. Things like 360-degree video, live streaming, and virtual tours make your web design in Hawaii stand out and transport the viewer in their imagination. Photos help, but customers expect more than still pictures—they want to feel like they have landed in Hawaii, enjoying their better life because of the solution you provided.

4. Design with SEO in Mind

Anyone can throw up a website these days, but what do search engines like Google actually look for? Google favorably ranks websites that are easy to scan, work seamlessly on mobile and desktop, and quickly connect customers with solutions. Make sure each visitor knows what solutions you provide within a second of landing on your page. Write each line of copy with today’s trends and targeted keywords in mind. Successful website design in Hawaii tunes into what works today and adapts from there.

5. Hire an Expert Hawaii Website Designer!

Maybe you think, “This all makes sense, but I don’t have time to waste putting a website together. I need someone to help me.” It’s time to take the next step. Our team of digital marketing experts will help you design an effective website that shatters expectations, all from start to finish.

If you want to work with a website designer in Hawaii that gets repeatable results, reach out to us today! We help hundreds of businesses grow with effective website design in Hawaii. We’d love to help you get started!

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Photos Courtesy of Michael Olsen, Jonathan Borba, and Ben Kolde